South Sudan's former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar briefs South Sudanese in New York, USA(Photo: file)

Sept 28, 2015(JACKDIENG) — South Sudan’s First Vice President of the upcoming Transitional Government of National Unity, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, has briefed the South Sudanese Daispora Community upon his arrival in New York city, USA.

Briefing thousands of South Sudanese Americans, who overwhelmingly turned out to welcome him and his delegation, Machar apologized for their delayed arrival and went on to explain his visit.

In addition to the invitation to attend the high-level meeting on South Sudan by heads of states and governments, Machar reiterates his visit was partly intended to address the Diaspora Community and to attend the African Union Peace and Security Council meeting in New York to discuss the report of Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan.

Having arrived late in New York, the chairman calls it “unfortunate” that the armed opposition has missed the important AUPSC meeting on South Sudan.

“We came for three functions. One of the functions, unfortunately we will not be participated. It was done at 5 o’clock. AU Peace and Security Council has met at 5 o’clock to discuss the report of AU’s Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan”. Machar tells supporters at the Conference Hall in New York.

Despite having missed the event, Machar commends the continental body for their bold initiative to form a commission to investigate massacres, genocides and human rights violations in South Sudan for the first time in Africa.

Machar has briefed the Diaspora community on the IGAD -PLUS Compromised Peace Agreement, Federal System, AU Commission of inquiry reports on South Sudan, peace reconciliations and National Healing.

The Chairman also urged the Diaspora intellectuals to stop sensitizing ethnic division and negative writing on social media, warning that it polarizes reconciliation and peaceful coexistence.

Machar advised the Diaspora to begin reconciling among themselves and to constructively think and contribute towards constitution making process of their country.

According to Dr. Machar, he is the only person who has read the document after he was served with a copy but cautioned to keep it confidential until the continental body releases it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 12.05.22 AM

While in USA, Machar will continue briefing South Sudanese communities, meet with foreign diplomats and also with President Salva Kiir in New York in October to finalize the peace agreement before he returns to commence his duties as the First Vice President.

Unlike his colleagues who represent the government, Machar was received by thousands of members of South Sudanese communities across the United States and Canada.

Members of South Sudanese communities from various states and provinces of North America, who booked Pennsylvania hotel conference hall in advance for the briefing, could be seen waving dual flags representing two countries of their origin.

According to reports from New York, Machar has met with SPLM/SPLA-IO mission to the United State and a few foreign diplomats in New York.


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