South Sudanese rebels loyal to former First Vice President Riek Machar said today they have captured Morobo town from government forces after fierce fighting on Saturday.

Speaking to close sources in ground, Wai Godwil Bizi, SPLA-IO military spokesman in the Equatoria region, claimed that they are still controlling Morobo town.” We are still controlling Morobo. We managed to capture it since the last two days, we are now in Morobo, so don’t listen to the government propaganda,” he said.

He noted that total casualties in the Morobo fighting have not yet been assessed.

The government false claim, however, said it was in full control of Morobo area. “The rebels are not in Morobo, it was on 4 January when they attacked our positions in Morobo, but they were repulsed,” SPLA deputy spokesman Santo Domic said.

Santo admitted that about four government soldiers were killed and nine others wounded in clashes in Morobo town.