The holidays can be unbreakable days. Don’t squander them alone. By JACKDIENG GATKEK

God is one, but why there are so many religions and met in one point? We are waiting for so long to celebrate the birth of beloved son. Struggle  has long been our defense against love, skipped social activities, sports, family Christmas Eve celebrations, and even our  junior prom in favor of running the Community Social Activities’, writing for the Civil Society Organization (CSO), waiting tables, lifeguarding, and cleaning churches…whatever you could do to stay busy, but we Nuer community in UNMISS POCs site all South Sudan will mark third  Merry X-Mass with painfully attitudes from juba  government regime without praise,, celebrated the birth of beloved child that  has been send by  his father to  take our sins to  lives without more threatens and fade-out interest group  to  carry out the bad attitudes in  our community missing celebrations joyous days and hoping for new year 2016, ask the created for better life and no  more death.

We have tramp down a boulevard side three years long without promo well celebrations Christmas. We have been shunted to and fro by calamitous social change. We are  not born of cultural desolation, slavery, physical suffering, unrequited longing, abrupt emancipation, migration disillusionment, bewilderment, joblessness, and insecurity all enacted within a short space of unpredictable historical that  happen  today in our South Sudan.

our character as south Sudanese community in resistant up massacre, struggle was easier than the hard, frightening labor of building relationships and opening our self up to the pain of rejection. My mother taught me that. The woman who was to nurture me instead physically and verbally abused me; I had a mother, but no Mommy. As a result, I did not trust people. It was easier, safer, to bury ourselves in struggle, achievements, tasks, and busyness. But we did not need busyness; we needed love, the love that  can unites our Citizenship as one flash to joyous promise by our heroes which  are in change at time to  connect them  with  friends alliances and helpful  from  God to  find best friend you  wise to live which can link in  communities as unites country.

For most of us, our holiday expectations are suggestion with a sadness smolder. It’s the time of year for pray lord the great help during  compromise peace process and healing, love, best friends’ connection, and bonding—a perception reinforced with comfortable ads and heartwarming juba massacre with happy endings. But life is not a massacres movie, and sometimes the holidays hurt. We’re lonely, grieving, depressed, estranged from family, or stuck with dysfunctional relatives.

Our defense tells us to stay busy (and stay alone) when we really need to shore ourselves up in love. In an age of unprecedented social connectivity, we have more tools to distance from sin, disconnected from sin, and isolate ourselves from sin. In a lesson learn, from Greater Upper Nile region residents listed social isolation as their most pressing concern about conflict in juba that has been a minister by Salva Kiir.. Twenty-first century one of the most isolating in the world, partly because of its individualistic focuses and partly because of our underdeveloped understanding about love and relationships during X-MASS time. With  our friend in  UN HOUSE JUBA and those who are in high defensive for due of south Sudanese in  bond life for making the friend to God and have different religion and meet in same point.