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By JACKDIENG GATKEK, Beating  The Drum of Truths, You will Dance, You will Sing with Dinka Language,You will be Audiences,

Please In the Name of God, can you answer for us those simple questions?
A. What motivate you to killing your tribe mates? What moves you to action?
B. What are really import ants to you to eat with Dinka?
C. The peace is coming where will you migrated?
D. What do you feel fanatical about the future of South Sudan?

we can not Blame you too much because you chose do that , in this world rites on his duty, when you live without discipline your die without deginty, how did you come up that idea of sense wrong point faster dream that burn your family house down and leave home open without door, may be you will not go back to the leer land soon and die in exiles.
Please Wal Nuer are born to lead today and hope for futuristics leadership styles,

Mr.Wal Nuer born to teaching other to leader. For empowering leader core values, form the foundation for our their vision and mission, and our good relationship, motive and decision making, we are teaching people for”
• Love
• Unity
• Service
• Giving
• Faith
Florence Joy
• Prayer
• Witness
We are teaching other to be leaders with character.
• Humility
• Inner Strength and Righteousness
• Abiding Relationship with Christ.
Nuer Leadership Styles
Our leadership, our principal we are teaching people and liberates other National and international, I can mention those countries that all of us knowing which Country got it independences from Nuer Global Liberator, we are teaching about how to be good leader not today only hope for future. We are born to lead, but we are:
• Nuer born in a manager (to rule the earth)
• Nuer live as the son of a carpenter ( but we are professional in performance the task)
• We eat with sinners ( we are not sinner full)
• We talk with a prostitute. (we are transforming them)
• We forgive seventy times ( but we don’t care)
• We give free (no return back)

Many people are expected the leader will come from Nuer (NAATH), because?
A. We are honest and trustworthy
B. We are Genuine and Authentic
C. We are Competent and Confident
D. Forward-looking and proactive
E. Positive and Enthusiastic
At this juncture, we want to reiterate that we in the SPLM/SPLA, the resistance movement, are for a just peace. However, just peace comes consequent to addressing the root causes of the conflict. The root causes lie in the governance system as I stated above. You know that concentration of powers in the hands of one person – the leader – created personified, rather than, institutionalized power resulting to bad governance and in actual fact it reflects lack of internal democracy in the ruling party. This leads to building a cult of personality, consequently creating frictions and conflict in the system. The question life is about, what?
What is life?
Life is a gift ( Accept it)
Life is an adventure ( dare it )
Life is a Mystery ( unfold it )
Life is game ( play it )
Life is a struggle ( face it )
Life beauty (praise it )
Life is a puzzle ( solve it )
Life is opportunity ( take it)
Life is sorrowful ( experience it )
Life is a song (sing it )
Life is goal ( achieve It )
Life is mission ( fulfill it )
Mr. Wal Yak Gatkuoth we are family in blood But, are you idealism genetic Nuer?