Nuäär “Nuer” Neighbours’, Foreign Relations and Co-operation, and socio-political organization:

Nuers are very strong and powerfully neighbours, the Naath ca maintain peace and harmony with their neighbours. The Naath have cordial or warm and friendly relations with Tÿÿt, Chollo, Jäñ, Dinka, Bär, Anyuak, etc from whom they have inter-married with Nuääri, or “rol Nath” Nuerland. Naath cherish independence and freedom. Nuer is a product of hard and free deeply democratic.  Naath wealth makes no difference. A man with many cattle is envied, but not treated differently from a man with few cattle. Birth from Nuer makes no difference. A man may not be a member of the dominant clan of his tribe, he may even be of Dinka descent, but were another to different tribe he would run the home chiefs. The political structure of the Nuer “Nuääri” can only understand in relation to their neighbours, with whom they form a single political method contiguous or nearby Dinka, Chollo and Nuer tribes are segments within a commence structure as much as are segments of the same Nuer tribe. Nuer “Nuääri” social relationship is one of very friendly manner at all tribe in Sudan.

Nuer political segment and Dinka political section changes into a relationship in which the Nuer subdivision becomes entirely dominant or leading mixture and not a class structure result.

As far as history and tradition go back. Dinka and Nuer were conceived by them to be a normal state of affairs and a duty, for they have a myth or fairly story, like that of Esau and Jacob, which explains it and justifies it. Nuer is a younger son than Dinka both of them are represented in this myth as two sons of one father who promised his old cow to Dinka and its young calf to Nuer. Dinka came by night to father’s byre and, imitating or copy the voice of Nuer, obtained or secure the calf. When father found that he had been tricked or deceived he was angry and charged Nuer to avenge.


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