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This press statement brought to the public particularly, the above mentioned pertinent bodies by South Sudanese IDPs community in Juba/UNMISS Protection of Civilian Site 1 and 3. It is a collective call for the United Nation World Food Program’s WFP to make tracks its Community Vouches services in IDPs Sites. Its food ration service became horrendous to the IDPs community and, there is an urgent need to allow another trustworthy NGO to takeover. WFP is amongst the few humanitarian Organizations act as if to be engages in proviso of food services to South Sudanese IDPs in both PoCs and displacement camps in Juba and others.

The current crisis that erupted from mid December last year in capital city Juba and spread to other parts of country led to several risks and impacts to the displaced population especially the civilians most targeted. There was abuse against civilians; they were targeted basing on their ethnic identity and political affiliation. This was committed by all parties to the hostilities. The displaced people from all communities sharing harrowing account of family members were killed and abused. According to UNOCHA current report and updates, four million people are in need of assistance across the country.1.5 million are internally displaced, 53.4% of the displaced are children.

Accordingly, IDPs community of PoC 1, have been complaining and rising their concerns to the relevant authority starting from the IDPs community leadership and the camp management (ACTED) and others humanitarians Agencies about the failure of the WFP policy in food ration vouches Service delivery

The IDP Traders has been complaint about the obstacles of involvements of tribe conflict in  POCs site, during distribution of foods stuffs turning the policy  of distribution introducing the paying some KGs of sorghum in  money vouches to one person with  52 south Sudanese pound of result to one sacks of in to money.

The IDP traders file their complains to UN WFP about the fair distribution of food stuff to Nuer IDP

  1. Payment will be USD of return vouches to traders.
  2. Unpaid trader needs to pay base on their commodity goods and services quality and extraordinarily quantity.
  3. Increased of IDP community vouches instants of 52 SSP to 100 SSP.


The complaint come up  during the trades Union meeting chair by camp leadership and coaches share by business specialists in POCs 1, file their issues and call UN WFP to make change on proposal project implementation process in Juba UNMISS. The IDP have caution early warning refers to the systematic collection of food ration and analysis of information for the purpose of anticipating to introduce the community vouches 52 SSP and identifying emerging, deteriorating, or reoccurring humanitarian crises. Early warning allows the public and emergency responders to take pre-emptive and protective action to avoid harm. Early warning should trigger action by designated agencies or community members to prepare for a hazard event and/or assist the evacuation in an area at risk.



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