By Majier Michael Mading,


Nov 1st, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — As life gets worse and worse every day, every Tom, Dick and Harry in South Sudan’s capital Juba is amazed and stricken by how things are rapidly becoming hard. In one of the statements attributed to the dormant VP,Cde James Wani, who is more popular for jokes, he confessed that life is indeed getting difficult given the way things are now but as we all know Cdr James ever since the Liberation days, he had not been known for giving solutions.

He said the government is aware of the deteriorating economic situations, full stop, and there was no any plan for the way forward. Now, the traffic on the streets of Juba is reduced due to fuel shortage. Traffic lights stopped functioning and accidents are on the rise caused by the few traffics running any howly because no lights indicators .

Water tankers are parked with households sewage systems malfunctioning with increasing risk of the outbreak of waterborne diseases. The little bottle of water, 250mls, now costs 3 SSP. The bigger one goes at 5SSP. A plate of Egyptian beans with one bread costs about 15 SSP. A fried chicken decorated with salads goes at 45 SSP. Fried or call it roasted meat at 40 SSP. Zietuna , a small bottle for 45 SSP .Boda-Boda transport is untouchable.

The chamber of Commerce and Businessmen Associations in several interviews complained that the Ministry of Commerce is uncooperative and are now suspected of being anti-government for trying to speak for the ordinary people who are bearing the brunt of this situation.

On the streets of Juba, you can see only the small boys selling bottles or litres of fuel or diesel for 200 SSP and they are mainly from one ethnic group just like the dollar boys in Juba Market. The International community at large should be aware that, we, the South Sudanese, have become victims of our votes for independence because at the end we are being ruled by tyrants, kleptocrats, corrupt, tribalistic and self -seeking military commanders-turned politicians.

Then from there, we will elect who to rule us and how we shall be ruled although elections in Africa always don’t meet the expectations and aspirations of the voters. We pray to God to hear us in this difficult situations. Omnipotent God, You did not place us on this soil in order to be mistreated by people you created in the same image of yours like us. It was thy will and not theirs. Forgive them and deliver us from this yoke in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ . Amen!

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