downloadBY JACKDIENG GATKEK MANYANG (28/08/2015), The hours was not counts by black due to impulsive limited time casing for freedom by while legitimacy for the period of the African –American black move violently from standard 1930 to average 1960s became the largest part atrocious  extreme to 15 December 2013 Juba South Sudan massacres.

The black intellectual headship was over through by unswerving incorporated from their ethic identifications the javelin wars to under the black philosophy leadership so call the NUER of Money, These diseases and other condition confrontation to crowding and intermission of sanitary measures are to be expected to  fortification  other Nuer who are innocents inhabitant that  comprehensible in linked the wealth  more that their brothers and sister who  are abandonee the tension between Nuer of money in juba administration and IDPs all transversely  country and those who are penetrating in  refugees outside South Sudan. As a south Sudanese community before standard of 15 December 2013 and in the present day, our demand are simple that pointing times stick power of country health section from juba and state level and reaching the disgusting roots.

  1. Poor operation policy of the government primary and secondary clinic by National Ministry of health Juba government that resulted in no effective directors and team leaders who facilitates the activities of those untrained clinical staff who government sectors and international organization employees and works in OPD, IPD, EPD, Nutrition unite and amongst the Community Health Information/Outreach Workers,
  2. Poor Medical suppliers of essential drug and equipments by national ministry of health and it partner result to pharmaceuticals business by government of Juba before comrade Salva Kiir lost his presidency legitimacy and at the moment in country we live without president.
  3. Poor Surgery Department not functioning due to poor recruitment of Specialized Doctor by national ministry of health and National Ministry of public service and human resource development.
  4. Weak public awareness on Epidemic Diseases/Air Bone Diseases and Water Bone Diseases by classify health unit primary and secondary hospital.
  5. The lack of psychosocial support and counseling services from problematical epidemic mental disease result poor delivery services and increasing death rate in the country while the health of nation pose the live of citizen and stratum partnership  with  international organization  that  deal  to  health

It is the policy of good governance   to accurately in gross roots that has been predictable condition of health before services I  move to next STEP of why  the governance  system  not ensure equal employment opportunity without discrimination or harassment on the basis of the following “protected categories”: race, color, religion, national, ethnic or tribal origin or affiliation, age, gender, marital status, language, socio economic status, disability, sexual preference, political conviction or any other characteristic or distinguishing feature not necessarily affecting the image of the citizen

We demand the Federal Democratic Republic of South Sudan policy provides equal opportunity to qualified individuals in all aspects of recruitment, hiring, training, promotion or transfer, termination, and other terms of employment. Employment is contingent upon the individual’s ability to meet the essential tasks as defined in the Job description of the national directorate of Human Resource Development or People and Cultural section of so call the wellbeing services in the stipulation  of the emergences  for improved of superior delivers of most important level  and inferior level  for good delivers of drugs without the armed threaten in community their  consumption and discipline of smoking and seniors  school principal of international theory alcohol,  cancan mouth, moose pure turn of high sign of burning ach , how can ach  smoldering and produced the bright light of high level  of termination letters proofing that  date of drug prescription of dosing and force parallel line the fear the light of F.E.A.R is abbreviated the tasks of false evidence of action approach  real , Jamaica international make so call wine gross flowers tingle of prices which  is claim 1ooo letter the president proverb the while thematic of technology  legitimacy of presidency  claiming coup  attempts and peace round table of IGAD committees

Activated warnings are notices used to bunting up the inhabitants convention that potentially prompt are disturbance Nuer of Money necessitate by interpretation guiding principle that, Mr. Comrade Salva Kiir is not longer the president nevertheless the country we live without headship present the code of commandment and health subdivision  services to gross derivation. Why  the Comrade Salva Kiir claiming that  am  the president and I  will  president without consultation determination of lord House(Mogak Roundial) penalty the  awards by  National Election Commission, typically looks at the expanding scope of these warnings and the free speech debate by south Sudanese citizen before  issues arising from their imposition business so white conscience that  it has been taking by  Comrade Salva Kiir saying that am adopting the white democratize system portending the country is role by  autocratic government civilization of country system posting the government in  so many  optional  for militants system not the world democratic theory and practice eland coding the government policy like the black struggle movement of Equal Employee justice commission better than  Juba government of comrade Salva Kiir without president because comrade kiir is not the now the president.
all in all the Juba government pointing occasion for black slavery leadership by colorless Legitimacy contingences stick power comrade Salva Kiir to allege with the intention of, am the President and I will be the president as the views of over world governance change autocratic policy  was up abandozied by  good leadership  plan  for the future of it citizen by  providing the service that need by  citizen  not in place result to  probe juba massacres, killing innocents Nuer who  force fleeing much  during 15 April territory  in Unity state-bentiu to  defense the South Sudan sovereignty. The time for revolutionize is now not tomorrow South Sudan will never be the equivalent again under leadership of Comrade Salva Kiir, the opportunity to accomplish a sustainable tranquility and prosperous future for everyone. The legitimacy of buddy Salva Kiir and his acquaintances must be removed at all cost without delay.

So as the good leadership you necessitate being point by role, letting the role guide you to the achievement, for the reason that the good leader single-minded or must be show the line of attack to success by his vocation and capability. Meanwhile the comrade Salva Kiir is pretending that am I con of the country which he has right to talk in round table of drink and drug abuse he has been the encompassing table identical inside his office in presidential bastion, the man was given the decorates Tukul so proverb that shepherd the kingdom in good direction is like stratum of none stop sample keep it stupid, Comrade Salva Kiir. Leading the country in the way that con not be expected by  South Sudanese communities in which  they  are waiting for good leader that  can lead by  sample and exercised the power of which  he is claiming that am  the president and pretending that  the governance body of the country role by white legitimacy theory, meanwhile, the role of the president to  miss the country in  way  that  if where he was told to  explain the future of his leadership during the CPA implementation process, Sample of first Democratic  election in  Sudan, South Sudan Self Determination and   in  way thus we south Sudanese community we are waiting for peace to  knock everybody door in youth nation, while the peace that we are waiting for bullets, heavy machine, chemical weapons, and foreign troop was brought in  with consultation from  ex. general staffs ( Hoth Mai) of South  Sudan Army force(SPLA) Juba.


Former Deputy Inspector

For South Sudan bureau for Community Security and Small Arms Control,

Ministry of Interior

Unity State-Bentiu

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