Radio Interrogate to JACKDIENG Gatkek, the Managing Director for Glory Money Transfer business in POCs 3, Juba, South Sudan 24/08/2015.

  1. Where did you get the Source of capitalism for your business?

There are some business people who are top richer producing goods and commodity and switch the world economic level, so there are some business which does not need much capital to started with some young money in which now I reach the standards of international transitions/transfer to show you the way how I start this business, following completion of promotion of richest level more than working class under retreated supervision better than self-employments. The business is self-reliable employment base on smart matter trend of Specific measurement Action on Real Time, reverse the level how your institute your business plan and reach the stage of (five P), which is Product, Place, Price, People, Promotions.

How to start business sometime everybody believing that, money are wage for running the country income, there are some business set up that  needs money  to  run it before it reach  the standards of tendency accredits.

The business it is the broke tendency for getting the light upon foundation on  markets assessment from  manufacture industry know how to profile the different of goods, whole sales group, individual interest, smalls business scale that move forward  the business section  in the country, the  most important threat to  community and knighthoods glory joy of life by Glory Money Transfer.

I start this business as result of economic status poor deliverer of banking system community needs and accessibility to those areas which are not been accessible by two warrior’s party sometime.

The question of where I got the source of capital to starts  the business with much money, and how much capital I  start this business,  now just matter follow up of which  can  brother money to start this business.

  1. Why, interesting in this business?

The business is disgusting fracture  to  community that  face the situation  where we are here today and force good numbers of South Sudanese Citizen from  where to  practice their business skills because the bright idea and community interest that  force me to manage this business to  save the country with honesty,, reason

  1. Transition of money to remote areas?

The glory industry venture some quantity of it conceited to announce the enormous accomplishment for money transfer between Juba, Unity State-Bentiu, Kenya, Uganda and timidity areas in cooperation antagonism of business possibility thinking and government control areas, Glory business investment limited is announcing the opportunity to  UN dwelling/POCS 1,2,3 and state appendage office of Unity State-Bentiu, Kenya, Uganda.

Glory Money transfer have so many tactic in which  every body want to  been  reaching on time and honesty, the boards of Steeling Committee sign up the risk  that  can  constraining our business operation and well known planning strategy,

The Money reach destinations on time in the area that have no roads to transport the commodity, real systems of  bureau policy, business banks system and local money transfer to setup the easy transitions on time with reloadable channel to pull out the optional on meant where the community members can  receive money with honesty standards dire the fact the Great Upper Nile Region have no meant for sending money  to  family in  some areas example of Protection of civilian PoCs across the country at large, and state level with  the high poor communication graciousness, so  that cannot be forget the grab hold of business  not looking  at the capacity to  send the money  to  all protection of civilian site across the world.

With the preordained of how to allocation the nation with honesty not provide the inhabitant needs and international transitional to manage the country to country fair and free smartly of money transfer as result pronounce it in let situation in dire of good defined time with defined movement, defined procedure that lead the glory money transfer in good qualify staffs gradual in various university across the world. Keeping the promise I have promise to all worlds that some days going to come to celebrate together of opening ceremonies blessed occasion in Kampala, Uganda, Khartoum, Sudan.