By JACKDIENG GATKEK MANYANG, I would like to request readers to hold this framework note and make your our analyses base on Pagak Conference proposed principal urgings the SPLM/SPLA Juba to take the responsibility as it was purpose by SPLM/SPLA In opposition under leadership of  Dr. Riak Machar Teny, keep it as i have holding this attics confidently when we mark the first anniversary of the Juba genocide carried out b  y President Salva Kiir against his people killing over 20,000 innocent lives of Nuer people in less than a week. The massacres against Nuer in Juba triggered the present civil war, which Kiir feigned as a coup against the state. Our people and the whole world know there was no coup. It all started as a political dispute within the SPLM Governance and tribal conflict that have bet plan by Dinka of Salva Kiir some years back following the 39 laws tritely one tribe out of 64 tribes in Young Republic of South Sudan. It escalated into a political crisis because Kiir refused to discuss the reforms needed to democratize the system. It is my belief that we must rise above this genocidal act for us to be able to unite our people, recreate the social capital and for us to create peaceful, multi ethnic, prosperous and democratic federal state of which all of us will be proud of. Following by  South Sudan Army  force represent the ranking file of SPLA Army force to  end the business war that  attract  actor to  believe the blessing land of South Sudan  full  of Resource in  which  God create   this nation to enjoy  the trended life of our people to  forgot the arise conflict supported by Uganda Army Force act as the South Sudan political Adviser base on  conflict analyses, which  direct the Uganda president to benefits from  South  Sudan natural source which  became heart bite for Ugandan citizen call for  international  community to play their roles as football referrer. The peace must come when the president salva kiir step-down or face the Dr Riak Machar Teny on the table lecturing  him in front of IGAD and International community about the principal  framework and log frame for Federal Government that can  lead the South Sudanese citizen to  Practice strategic that  lead to the presentation of Poor Economic Planning Implementation strategic– the government did little to stimulate the economy by implementing the planned programmes and its absolute dependence on oil revenues led to the neglect of other sectors of the economy particularly agriculture which is the mainstay of majority of South Sudanese. As a result South Sudan became a net importer of food commodities from the neighboring countries; practice the tools that can control the corruption in government – the practice of nepotism in ditching of inordinately overvalued government contract to relatives and people hailing from particular areas and to those who gave bribes was a major source of corruption. The Dura saga epitomizes the corruption in government; set the mechanism tools to overcome the tribalism or ethnicization of government by President Salva Kiir appointments whether in government, civil service or in the party do not reflect the ethnic diversity of South Sudan but tilted in favors of particular states. The president Salva Kiir must step down or give the chance to peace that waiting by people of South Sudan Crying for if not better than following the SPLM/SPLA IN OPPOSITION programmes base on Pagak Conference that brought army general to meet at that date. Programmers are:

  • The SPLM/SPLA calls for the institution of federal system of governance in which the states and the local governments shall be devolved more political, judicial and economic powers. We have renamed our country the Federal Republic of South Sudan and immediately establish 21 states based on the former districts during the colonial period instead of ten states;
  • The SPLM/SPLA shall implement Security Reforms affecting the Armed Forces, the National Security, the Police, the Correctional Services, the Civil Defence Services and the Wild Life Services in terms of their philosophy, mandate, mission and objectives to reflect the ethnic diversity of South Sudan in terms of the officer corps, men and women in them;
  • Undertake radical reforms in the judiciary and the justice administration system that will make the courts and dispensation of justice fair and accessible to the citizens;
  • Administrative reforms at the local levels to dovetail the traditional institutions of governance with the state governance institutions for peace and harmony in society;
  • Institution reforms in the political parties system to render them national rather that ethnic or regional in character. The SPLM/SPLA stands against politicization of ethnicity or ethnicization of politics as means or ladder to power and wealth;
  • Reform the civil service by depoliticizing and professionalizing it. The civil service is the backbone of the state. Recruitment, appointments and mobility within it shall be on basis of merits, experience and qualification;
  • Promote economic growth by investing the petrodollars in agriculture to stimulate the surplus potential in mechanized crop production, modernize animal husbandry to transform the enormous livestock from cultural to economic wealth. Introduce modern methods of fisheries and aquaculture in the rivers and wetlands. Organize and develop forestry and related economic activities including protection of Wildlife and other fauna for tourism and recreation;
  • Build modern physical infrastructure in cities, towns and villages. Construct inter- and intra-state highways, feeder roads, railways, high tension power transmission grids, fiber optics lines and microwave lines for telecommunication linking the different parts of the country and regionally;
  • Construct dams and hydroelectric power generation in addition to exploit the solar and wind energy to generate electricity for speedy industrialization of South Sudan and; Encourage private sector as well as private public partnership to drive the development of South Sudan.

The following framework and log frame, that has been put in place by SPLM/SPLA In Opposition Chairman, and agree by all SPLM/ SPLA general in  pagak conference brain storm the way forward for peace to  reach  home prevail by  individual group or interest group that adviser the president kiir  without setting tools to  match  onward result to  Juba massacres and open the big gaps and divide the country in  pieces, by  interest group  inside South Sudan and search for special  benefit from 15  Mid December business war, firing by so  many  different group, Uganda defense force,  Justice Equality moment of Darfur, SPLM/SPLA north, that forgot the dream of  late Dr. John Garang to  unite Sudan so that everybody  need to  see him/her in  Khartoum to  enjoy  golden opportunity life promise by  Dr john Garang to brought the four corner of Sudan, which  result to  Independence of Republic South Sudan, Under The leadership of Dr. Riak Machar as Vice President and Salva Kiir to  enjoy the drinking and make unpredictable appointed himself as Daily Drunker Officer (DDO)which  is new position  make him to miss everything careless to  people of South Sudan that vote for him to  be the president of blessing new young nation and lost the direction  of way forwards, peace, prosperity, justice freedom, when  Dr Riak Machar try  to picked the problem, the problem result to claim coup  attempt and SPLM/SPLA Juba manage to  arise top south Sudanese polities’ that drive vehicle to accommodate all South Sudanese citizen and throw away the ideology  of tribal current conflict, let me take you  back  to the SPLMSPLA struggle strategic in the Bush, lead the independence of South Sudan in which people proud to be South Sudanese and enjoy the endless life in the new nation.

When South Sudanese were struggling against the Arab colony for all these years since 1955, we Nuer have never been legged behind and, we never forget the interest of this land to stand free like it was in 2011. We are the only first tribe in this country which recognized the philosophy of the South Sudanese independence state as the only option for breaking the chain of the bandage of slavery. We are the first and others follow. We fought for the flag of this nation on land, in the river and, we lost almost half of the Nuer population advocating for the Self-Determination to the people of South Sudan through referendum and make  Juba Government to  implemented the 39  laws that  remind in  mind set of some Dinka result to juba massacre Mid December to  achieve their mission, vision, objective that  they have  files during the periodic of anyanya 1, 2 movement and formation of  SPLM/SPLA in  1983 attract the South Sudanese to fought with Arab and lead to independence, the current tribal business conflict which lead the South Sudan in Fire not only Nuer include other 63 tribe, as it was stated by Prophecy Abraham Chol  Juba on fire and result to crack down the prophecy church order by general  Paul malaong while Dinka are enjoy the benefits of our beloved hero bloodshed that  die on  veil, but it was forgotten by Government of Salva Kiir in  Juba, enjoying their big cars without good feeder road that  connect the ten  state of South Sudan, or shift to 21 years propose by SPLM/SPLA in Opposition. What happened on July, 2011 was a product of the Mighty Nuer work. Now given the fact that, South Sudan get independence as Nuer advocated for and the national flag risen, and, we the people of this country ought only to start up developing our nation, rehabilitating our broken society and, how to lives peacefully after many years of sufferings, there emerged an invisible group of tribalists who wants to misuses the expectation of the people of this country. Regarding the ongoing peace process in Addis Ababa between us and the Dinka-led government, we all heard of the consultative conference held around April, 2014 in Nasir town of Upper Nile State by the leadership of our moment, and, the urgent political concession held in Nairobi by the movement’s political personalities and representatives, all these meeting resolved that, Salva Kiir has killed civilians in ethnic line. And, his presidency relapsed on the day he turned his power against the innocents’ civilians in Juba at the edge of the conflict. Any negotiation intended to bring about desirable results to the South Sudanese conflict by either IGAD or whoever trying to negotiates, it should be on the top agenda that, Salva Kiir is not recognizes as the president of South Sudan.

By J@ckdieng Gatkek Manyang